Here are some benefits of using

For our Suppliers

  • is a Bahamian website designed to provide an online platform to sell goods and services to customers in the Bahamas.
  • Low financial cost – Lower start-up cost, physical retail stores have to pay thousands of dollars on rent and other related costs like permits, licenses, personnel, utilities, etc.
  • Increase sales - by adding an extra sales channel to reach another market segment and sell directly to customers.
  • Open 24/7 – are always open for business.
  • Easy to showcase bestsuppliers - Very easy to display best-suppliers makes it easier to show off products to customers. Suppliers will have their own url to market their products.
  • Drive repeat sales – You can retarget a customer who visited reminding them of a product they added to their cart and forgot about.
  • Enhance growth - Able to process a high number of orders with ease to ensure business growth.
  • Can scale business quickly - Easy to scale the business quickly as suppliers can increase marketing budget and decrease inventory management costs.
  • Increase your reputation - Providing another sales channel for your customers sets your business apart from others.
  • Very fast delivery – will deliver your products to customers, Monday to Saturday, the same day if Prime customers or in 1 business day if non-Prime customer.
  • Rewards Programme – will offer rewards points to customers to enhance loyalty.

For Customers/buyers

  • Shop thousands of products online conveniently from your home or mobile.
  • Have your items delivered by directly and securely to you.
  • Save time, go to, click and buy.
  • Browse, rate, compare goods and services at your fingertips.
  • Create wish lists and send to your friend and family
  • has a powerful Gift Registry for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries special occasions, etc. Anything can be added. You can share your gift registries via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Send, personalised and customised Gift Cards to friends and family.
  • We serve the Family Islands.
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